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Virus | Trojan | Malware Removal | PUP’s (Potential Unwanted Programs)

Removing all types of malware can take time. Most of the time it can take 4 to 6 hours – to “clean” or remove all parts of the virus/malware on the PC. In today’s environment, most computer owners would rather “clean” then rebuild their PC as the lost factor comes into play.  Loss of files, videos, MP3’s and all of their personal photo’s can become overwhelming and the possibility is far greater that you will lose files if you do NOT take your PC/Computer to a professional.

We want to make you at ease so we will do our very best to clean, dis-infect and eradicate all types of malware first. And in doing this, we just charge a FLAT fee. We do not think it’s fair to charge you an hourly price when we know cleaning does take time.

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WebCare.Net can perform all of these tasks with ease:

The difference between FREE Antivirus Programs and Paid Ones.

There is a huge difference between free and paid versions of AV and other malware protection software.  It’s just not what you pay it is how each version protects you from the bad things out there on the Internet.  I recommend that only paid versions should be installed.  The reason is – you need multiple layers of security, and with FREE versions – you will lose this after the trial period.  And believe me you cannot afford NOT to have all the protection you can get.

Security In Layers – most have all of these components in the application:

  • Antivirus – protects about “known” bad files (Viruses, Malware and so much more)
  • Web Content Reputation/Protection – Helps assist in blocking bad sites when you inadvertently miss type a URL (Website)
  • Spam protection – blocks known viruses within email.  Both POP3, and SMTP.
  • Local Firewall – blocks un-know devices from connecting to your PC/Computer without your permission.
  • Patch Management – most all paid versions now offer some form of patch management.  They will scan your applications for those that are out of date or have not been updated for a while.


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