How To Create A System Restore Point Windows 7 – You Will Need This If You Get The Locky Ransomeware

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Do This Now – Create A System Restore Point ASAP.

A system restore point is needed if you wish to recover any files from your computer when you get the Locky Ransomeware virus/malware and this will be your shinning light in what will seem like a very dim day.

Do this now – stop everything you are currently doing and go do this RIGHT NOW.  (I will posting Windows 8 and 10 instructions soon)

    1. Start by Clicking on the Start Button lower left hand side of your taskbar if it’s i the normal position.
    2. Find your “Computer” and right click on it and select/click “Properties” it will be at the bottom of the list.
    3. Select “System Protection” on the top left of the window that opens up.  (see image below)System Protection Area
    4. When the new window opens up called “System Protection” we want to make sure it’s configured, look to see if under the “Protection” column there is an “ON” next to it.
    5. If not – let’s configure it now.  Highlight the C: drive (Should say something like System)  Click “Configure”,
    6. Select the top radio button “Restore system settings and previous versions of files” then select/adjust the amount of hard disk space you want to use.  Most devices/computers today come with plenty of hard disk space.  Do not skimp on this.  Mine is set to 10% almost 45 GIG.  The select “Apply” and then “OK” to close.Windows 7 System Properties For RestoreWindows 7 System Properties For Restore Settings
    7. If your is already configured – let’s create a “System Restore Point” now.  Select “Create”, Inside the box that opens up – name the restore point something you can remember – like today’s date then select Create.  When it’s complete – it will state finished.Manually Create A System Restore Point Windows 7Name Your Restore Point
    8. Once completed – your files can be recovered just in case you get the Locky Ransomeware virus.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that now you have most of your files to restore to the computer as it will need to be completely rebuilt with the hard drive formatted to ensure no traces of any virus and or malware were left on it.  If you find this article helpful – please SHARE it on your Facebook page and or give me a shout out on mine.






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